Why I Write

I write to get things out, be they good or bad. Not as a diary, my life isn’t that interesting, but when I’m faced with something so incredibly dumb it offends my sensibilities (such as a poor boardgame or crappy soccer performance) or something so wonderfully profound that it lifts me (such as a well crafted novel or my wedding anniversary), I am compelled to write.Writer

Sometimes a great novel or RPG idea will inspire me further and I will write a story. From this fountains a desire for my own ideas to be recognised and to be published. I know I’m not going to write a bestseller, but the fact my writing is better than a lot of published stuff (in my humble opinion) gives me the motivation I need to carry on. Sometimes the words drip out, ever so slowly, with days and weeks (and months!) going by without anything meaningful being written. But wrote they are. Eventually. And they take form next to me, shoulder to shoulder with me, alongside my family and friends, nerdy boardgames, RPG’s, music and devotion to my sad little local soccer team.

The words become part of my life and part of me.

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