The Great Pretender

I am often surprised at how bad my writing is.calvin & hobbes writing

I’m currently re-writing my novel, Charnel Butterflies, and as I read the first draft after a break of a few months, I am struck by how much of what I initially regarded as a work of sheer genius is in fact, utter drivel.

I have been brutal with the editing pen – my prologue for example has been slashed from 2,500 words to 1,600 words. Vast swathes are being deleted as I cringe at my mindless verbosity and as a result, the novel is in danger of becoming a novella.

The catalyst for this mad butchery of my story is the Manchester Speculative Fiction writers group, whose member’s writing is of such a high standard that if I’m to let them read and critique my stuff, I have to be on top of my game.

I’ve coasted in previous writers groups – and stagnated as a result – with members unable to critique my stories properly – they mostly had such a flimsy grasp on the possibilities of the fantastic that their comments were meaningless (I penned a comedy and the general agreement was “This is the most disturbing thing I have ever read”).

The Manchester group however are a different breed, with published authors amongst them, writing better and more prolifically than I.

It’s time to stop pretending to be a writer and become one.

2 Comments to “The Great Pretender”

  1. Good luck with it – you sound determined. Hope the group can help you realise your potential.

  2. Thanks Cat, I’m hoping they can stop me procrastinating somewhat. If they can’t, the next step is finding someone to co-write a novel with!

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