Doctor Ex Machina

OK, so we’ll gloss over why I haven’t been updating this blog, suffice to say it’s been a thoroughly miserable 2013 so far.

I have however found the venom to write today as the latest episode of Doctor Who (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) has really annoyed me. Yes, I know it’s written for family viewing, but it’s lazy writing and there’s no excuse. I thought the bad old Russell T.Davies days of cop-out endings were behind us, but no, as the latest episode illustrated.Dr who journey to the centre of the tardis

If there’s one thing I hate in writing, it’s Deux Ex Machina, whether it’s  Vanilla Sky or The Night’s Dawn trilogy (for example), a magical macguffin to make everything ok or turning everything into ‘a dream’ is the worst kind of writing imaginable.

If you’ve wove a web too complex and dark to get out of, either don’t let the characters off the hook, or re-write the story with less twists and turns and trying to be clever. Let’s face it, having a button to reset time and render the previous actions of the characters moot is far from clever, in fact it’s insulting to the consumer and demonstrates a complete inability to plot properly whilst simultaneously wasting everybody’s time.

Deux Ex Machina is a cop-out used by lazy, immature ‘writers’. There, I said it. Sorry Peter F. But that’s how I feel.


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